Specimen Bonsai

This category contains all of our bonsai trees that are considered "well developed" through many years perhaps decades of training via wiring, pruning, styling, etc. Many of these one-of-a-kind trees have interesting histories like an individual person where they've seen many things during their long life spans. 

If you're a knowledgeable bonsai enthusiast that wants to have a "gallery" quality tree to have an impressive display presence in any home or office setting, any of our specimen trees will take your breath away with the high amount of detailed work that can be noticed on the tree from top to bottom. Specimen bonsai are the types that are thought of as our "showstopper" or "head turner" trees.

Notice To Customers: We reserve the right to deny purchase of specimen trees to bonsai beginners; as we fear that one of these historic trees may die in novice hands without the proper advanced level care and precautions. If anything really bad happened to one of these "old aged beauties", they are extremely difficult to find a living replacement. House of Bonsai is NOT RESPONSIBLE for damages sustained once they leave the bonsai nursery property. Please follow up with your third party shipping carrier to make an insurance claim in case of shipping/delivery related damages.

Picture Note: All specimen bonsai images will have a watermark on them to give credit to our hard work and artistry.