Yoshiaki Bonsai Branch Bender Turn Buckle - Large

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Yoshiaki is the favorite brand of bonsai tools for all levels of bonsai lovers. They have an extensive line of scissors, cutters, etc of all different sizes. With its robust construction and great performance, it's highly sought after. If good care is used, these tools can be passed down to the next generations. It's even the brand that House of Bonsai enjoys the most; we use it all the time to work on our trees!

When wire alone can't bend a thicker branch, this tool will make that stiff branch gain some curves! The C-clamps and body are made out of carbon steel and the buckle post is made from a nickel-steel alloy. The entire length turn buckle is 23.5" in length and the C-clamps are 4-1/8".

Hook the C-clamps onto the thick branch. Turn the buckle handle to fasten the clamps together until snug against the branch to install it.You want the clamps to be in the middle of where you want the bend.

Over the next few weeks, tighten the buckle a little bit (about 0.5 - 1 mm) at a time until you get your desired branch bend. This large sized branch bender is great for ultra-heavy bending on stiff old branches. The turn buckle style gives you more strength to get the very thick branch to curve.


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