Zeolite: The Wonder Bonsai Soil - Medium 18 lbs

$ 32.25

Grain Size: 3 - 4 mm  

This wonderful soil medium has so many beneficial qualities for bonsai trees. Once you try it, you'll never go without this magic stuff again!

Zeolite is a very naturally rich mineral rock that's been crushed to use as a soil. It gives your tree a big boost in strong growth by buffering down the soil's pH level and removes harmful gases. By doing so, it builds up resistance against root rot, plant diseases, frost damage and neutralized chemical residues. It has sharp edges on all of its pebbles to help promote lots of root growth.

This small grain size is ideal for use as a topsoil and mixed into the soil base for small to medium bonsai trees. We recommend that you add in 10% - 15% into your own bonsai potting soil mix recipe for a huge success!

Made in Korea. This will be shipped out to you in a USPS Priority Flat Rate Medium Box due to its heavy weight.


Price: Product $18.00 + Priority Shipping $14.25

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