3.5" Red Crown White Tsuru Crane Mudmen Bonsai Figurine

$ 3.00

Have some fun decorating your bonsai tree by adding a small figurine! They will give your tree a bigger sense of scale while on display. Just place it anywhere on top of the soil in your bonsai pot. Instantly, an artistic scene is created!

In Japan, the crane or tsuru, is a national treasure. It is the symbol of health, happiness, recovery, longevity and good luck because it was believed to have had a lifespan of a thousand years. This tall bird looks distinguished with its "red crown" dotted on top of its head. The beak and tail feathers have been painted black for a striking contrast to its white body. Their legs are made of aluminum wire so that you can poke it into the soil for the crane to stand on its own. You can flex the legs as you wish and they will not rust during watering. Including its legs, this figurine is 3.5 inches in height and about 1 inch in length.

This figurine has some glazed colors painted onto it for added visual interest. All of our clay bonsai figurines are handmade in China. Because of this, each of them will be slightly different from our product photo example.

Price: Product $3.00

Figurine Shipping Special Note:
Due to our figurines being small and fragile, we will ship the first one free with any tree purchase. If you're interested in getting multiple figurines, add your choice of Set of 3, Set of 6 or Set of 12 into your shopping cart to have your order processed. If it's not added, your figurine order will be not be fulfilled and will be refunded.

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