Trident Green Maple with Root Over Rock Specimen Bonsai Tree

$ 189.00

Species: Acer buergerianum

Age: About 10 - 15 years

Height: About 11 - 12"

Trunk Size: About 3/4"

Lighting: Full Sun to Partial Sun

Type: Deciduous

Difficulty: Medium


Note: The picture for this product is a general image. Your tree may not exactly look like this. For specific styles of trees, please go to our eBay store to find the same tree as pictured.


Trident Maples are the most versatile type of maple to work with for any styles and all sizes of bonsai. It can develop fine web-like branch ramification and dense light green foliage that turns into spectacular shades of bright orange and red during the autumn. It's a strong growing tree that's tolerant to heavy pruning work, drier soil conditions and polluted air environments. The rock bases help give it a wilder look. All of the roots are naturally cling onto the rock with age.



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