Trident Green Maple with Root Over Rock Specimen Bonsai Tree

$ 189.00

Species: Acer buergerianum

Age: About 10 - 15 years

Height: About 11 - 12"

Trunk Size: About 3/4"

Lighting: Full Sun to Partial sun

Type: Deciduous

Difficulty: Medium


Price: Product $150.00 + Economic Shipping $39.00



Trident Maples are the most versatile type of maple to work with for any styles and all sizes of bonsai. It can develop fine web-like branch ramification and dense light green foliage that turns into spectacular shades of bright orange and red during the autumn. It's a strong growing tree that's tolerant to heavy pruning work, drier soil conditions and polluted air environments. The rock bases help give it a wilder look. All of the roots are naturally cling onto the rock with age.


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