4"L x 5.75"H Extra-Large Hexagon Pagoda Mudmen Bonsai Figurine

$ 25.95

Have some fun decorating your bonsai tree by adding a small figurine! They will give your tree a bigger sense of scale while on display. Just place it anywhere on top of the soil in your bonsai pot. Instantly, an artistic scene is created!

Our biggest bonsai figurine in the store! This is a 5.75" tall and 4" wide giant pagoda tower with three floors of viewing rooms. It has an octagon shape to it and 4 inches wide at the base. At the corner of each roof, there's a bell decoration along with a spiked roof ornament at the very top of the building. This oversized figurine is great to pair alongside a large specimen bonsai tree.

All of our clay bonsai figurines are handmade in China. Because of this, each of them will be slightly different from our product photo example.

Price: Product $15.00 + Priority Shipping $10.95

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