Super Hard ( Fired ) Akadama Bonsai Soil Small 5 to 6 mm+, - about 18Lbs

$ 52.45

Grain Size: about 5 to 6 mm


This Fired Akadama is a tougher version of the mineral rich granular "clay ball" soil. The high temperature baking process has given the soil its harder texture that doesn't break down as easily when potted. It's highly prized for its plant nutrition and good water retention & drainage in bonsai. It's more expensive than other soils. But this medium truly does do amazing things; especially for large specimen bonsai trees.

We recommend that you use this in a humid area; preferably with long rainy seasons. When dry, it has a light reddish tan to dark peachy brown color that turns dark burgundy brown when wet. Please use a rocky soil (such as lava rock or decomposed granite) in combination with this for optimal usage and to prevent rot rotting from water-logging.

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