Heavy Duty Forked 1 Finger Twisted Iron Hook Root Tool

$ 19.55

This 1 Finger root tool is about 11.75" in length. It has a simple bent hook shape that's made from forged iron that's been twisted around. It has a forked end to help get a better grip into the root ball or soil. This design adds extra strength while giving it a unique look. It has a slim wooden handle at the bottom for a more comfortable hand grip and better control. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It's ideal for heavy duty work to loosen root balls and to help get rid of weeds on top of the soil of your potted bonsai tree. This is a more economical version compared to our rugged Heavy Duty 1 Finger Carbon Steel Hook Root Tool.

Price: Product $13.00 + Single Item Shipping $6.55

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