Prostrada Juniper Moyogi Style Specimen Bonsai Tree

$ 1,200.00

Species: Juniperus prostrata 

Age: About 30 Years

Height: About 24 Inches

Width: About 27 Inches

Trunk Size: About 3 Inches

Lighting: Full Sun to Half Shade

Type: Evergreen

Difficulty: Medium

This particular specimen bonsai has been cultivated to have a "weighted down" look; all of the branches have been wired to hold a downward slope as if lots of snow bent the entire tire down during the long winter. The branches have already been heavily wired to compliment the overall heavy look of the tree.

There's a bit of jin shari work done on the trunk to give it an aged look of the tree. It gives it an idea that it must have have grown in a harsh climate; where the wind and snow could have ripped off the bark to show its heartwood as it grew in the forest and/or mountains.


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