Prostrata Juniper Garden Bonsai Tree - 24" Wooden Box

$ 795.00

Species: Juniperus horizontalis prostrata

Age: Over 29+ Years Old

Height: About 6 - 8 Feet

Width: About 5 - 7 Feet

Trunk Size: About 4 - 5 Inches

Lighting: Full Sun

Type: Evergreen

Difficulty: Easy


The Prostrata Juniper is one of the most popular traditional tree choices for an Asian Garden Landscape yard design. It's a friendly species that harmonizes well with any other plant species that you have around it; even in small compact garden spaces. Anyone can easily maintain its styled shape thanks to its slower growth versus other juniper varieties.

Its foliage is a gray-green and has a tangy yet sweet scent to it. The way that it grows more leaves are through cone-like buds at the ends of older foliage that open up into soft tiny spiked scale-like needles. They're so soft that you can pinch off the extra growths in autumn with your fingertips. It develops many ornamental gray-green berries during the winter. If you're a bird lover, this is a great choice to attract them into your yard because they love eating the berries!

The healthy trunk on this species makes it a great candidate for creative work like adding deadwood (jin and shari) carvings and grafting small branches of softer foliage junipers like Shimpaku Juniper.

Our Prostrata Juniper trees are some of our oldest styled bonsai in stock! These have been trained by us since the start of the nursery. We have a variety of classic shapes to choose from including informal upright and slanting styles.

Due to the extra large size and very heavy weight of this garden bonsai tree, this item is only available for local delivery in Southern California only. For any other areas, please email us at for special arrangements.

Price: Product $795.00 + Delivery Rate Differs on Distance and Yard Accessibility

The following pictures are general images of each species. Each tree looks slightly different due to the shape, trimming and season of the year. If you want a particular tree as exactly pictured, please go to our eBay store.

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