Yoshiaki SS-5 Professional Shears

$ 75.55

Yoshiaki is the favorite brand of bonsai tools for all levels of bonsai lovers. They have an extensive line of scissors, cutters, etc of all different sizes. With its robust construction and great performance, it's highly sought after. If good care is used, these tools can be passed down to the next generations. It's even the brand that House of Bonsai enjoys the most; we use it all the time to work on our trees!


These shears are about 8" (~200 mm) in length. The size makes it good to get rid of most small to medium branches. It has long blades that make it great for speedy styling work, even for pine decandling. This particular model is made from a stronger steel alloy; giving it more durability, extra sharpness and being more rust resistant while being more lightweight than other similar sized scissors. The higher quality metal makes this a professional bonsai enthusiast's go-to tool!

Price: Product $69.00 + Priority Mail $6.55

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