Premium Mixed Bonsai Soil Base with Mycorrhizae, Akadama, Lava, DG, Mulch - Fine 22 lbs

$ 58.95

Our Premium Mixed Bonsai Soil is custom made by us on-site at House of Bonsai!

It's ready to use for general purpose bonsai potting for trees such as: Evergreens, Conifers, etc and an special favorite for Japanese Black Pines. This is the amazing soil base we use on almost all of our trees in-store.

It contains a mix of akadama, lava rock (scoria), decomposed granite (DG), mulch and mycorrhizae, a beneficial fungus, to promote root growth and health.

You can also add in 10% more akadama or mulch into this mix on your own to create a more deciduous and fruiting bonsai friendly soil mix for holding in more moisture for the trees.

This fine size is used for the upper parts of the bonsai pot. We sell the coarse pre-mix for use on the lower parts as well here.


Price: Product $39.00 + Priority Shipping $19.95

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