Polished Top Stone Lantern

$ 795.00

Height: 20 Inches

Width: 16 Inches


Most of this stone lantern is polished to a high shine and is made from a high density darker granite. This is definitely a striking look versus the lighter colored ones that are common used in Japanese Garden Landscaping. If you like something a bit out of the ordinary but still fashionable, then pick this one!

All of our stone lanterns and water basins are in our special fenced area in the front of the nursery. They are quite heavy since they're made from solid granite. Please make sure you have additional assistance from other people to move them around.

Free In Store Pick Up Available!

Please note that if any stone lantern or water basin needs to be shipped, there will be an additional cost that will vary due to your zip code. We will either send you an invoice on PayPal or request you send us your credit card information via email to cover the shipping costs. If the shipping is not paid for, we will refund you and not ship the item.


Price: Product $795.00 + Shipping Cost Will Vary By Distance



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