Propagation Forest Rafting Style Bonsai Plastic Training Pot with Built In Mesh - Set of 3

$ 45.00

Shape: Rectangle Tray

Length: 20 Inches
Width: 14 Inches
Height: 3 Inches
Mesh Bottom Thickness: 1/8 Inch

This is a specially designed bonsai plastic training pot that's meant for branch cutting propagation and doing forest or rafting style bonsai. It has a fully mesh bottom for excellent drainage. You have plenty of space in this tray to make multiple trunks work together as one. Or you can use this as a starting space to grow your bonsai seeds or cuttings all in one place; for easy watering and feeding instead of many little pots all together.

Unit Price: $7.00


Price: Product $20.00 + Economic Shipping $25.00

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