Jute Rope - Single Roll

$ 33.25

Our Jute rope comes in a large 5.5 lbs roll with the strand being about 4 mm thick. It's good for tying down branches and major bending when combined with aluminum wires for bonsai shaping. You can use it to pull down the branch and wrap it over heavy gauge wire to bend big branches without splitting and cracking the wood. Jute is a biodegradable material that wears down slowly over time. This helps to leave no marks on the tree as it grows into its new style. The rope is wrapped so the strand can be easily pulled from the roll. It's a cost effective alternative to regular rope. Truly, a bonsai professional's beloved tool!

If you need a lot of Jute rope, please purchase our Double Roll version by clicking here.


Price: Product $18.00 + Priority Mail $15.25

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