Heavy Duty Japanese 8"L Bonsai Metal Potting Trowel

$ 31.00

This heavy duty metal potting trowel is made with Japanese carbon steel.  It will last you many years of constant use. It's 8.0" inches in total length which gives you plenty of handle space to get a good grip on it. The compact spade shape of the trowel helps you get into the edges and corners of the pot when you compress the soil.

You won't tire as easily when re-potting with only your fingers. After switching to using this tool, you've never have to suffer from sore hands from the soil ever again!

It's very important that you push down the soil into the pot as much as possible to prevent any air pockets forming in between the roots. This will give you the big leverage to help stop transplant / re-potting shock.

Made in Japan


Price: Product $22.00 + USPS Priority Mail Bonsai Tool Shipping & Handling $9.00 = $31.00 Total


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