1.75" Green Sitting Buddha Resin Bonsai Figurine with Wooden Stand

$ 9.95

Have some fun decorating your bonsai tree by adding a small figurine! They will give your tree a bigger sense of scale while on display. Just place it anywhere on top of the soil in your bonsai pot. Instantly, an artistic scene is created!

This special mold casted figurine is made from hard resin, which will ensure its high shine and durability against water and minor drops. It has a bright green color and is slightly transparent at the edges. It even comes with a little wooden stand for your Buddha to sit on pride. It's about 1.75 inches in height and 1.5 in length.

Due to the high glossy nature of this resin material, it's hard to make out the molded details of the figurines in our images. But that makes it very easy to clean in the future!

When you order multiple items, we will combine it and give you a REFUND of unused/saved shipping fee.

Price: Product $3.00 + shipping $6.95



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