Green King Organic Fertilizer - 1 kg Bag

$ 23.55

Green King is a very nutritive organic pellet fertilizer that has many great benefits. It helps the soil stay within an optimal pH level range for best plant growth. It's a natural slug/snail and maggot deterrent. After a few days of watering, small white "cotton ball-like" microbes will grow on the pellets. Don't worry! These microbes are beneficial fungi that boost the health of the roots and growth of new leaves. Just spread a couple of the pellets around the base of the trunk on top of the soil. It doesn't have much of a scent to it. The pellets slowly dissolve during every watering. This formula lasts 3 months; so reapply once every season.

This 1kg bag is good for a small collection of bonsai trees and/or testing out on several large sized trees. Also best for small gardens and yards.

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