Bonide Eight Insect Control for Vegetables Fruit and Flowers Concentrate 32 fl oz Bottle

$ 26.00

Bonide's Eight Insect Control Vegetable, Fruit and Flowers Concentrate will protect your plants from any hopping, flying, or crawling insect for up to one month. With this product's active ingredient, Permethrin - 2.50%, it controls over 100 different pests that you find in your lawn and garden. If used as directed, it's safe for pets. This 32 fl oz bottle will yield up to 16 gallons of the insecticide solution.

Mix with water as directed and apply to foundations, porches, eaves, and windows to control outdoor nuisance pests such as mosquitoes, ticks, moths, gnats, and house flies. With a garden sprayer, treat as soon as insects appear to provide contact and residual control for up to four weeks. Apply as directed to eliminate and control insects such as ants, aphids, spider mites, fleas, crickets, tent caterpillars, Asian Lady Beetles, and Japanese beetles, repeating treatment as necessary. 


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