Hollywood Juniper Garden Bonsai Tree - 30" Wooden Box

$ 1,095.00

Species: Juniperus chinensis 'Torulosa'

Age: Over 30+ Years Old

Height: About 11 to 13 Feet

Width: About 4 to 5 Feet

Trunk Size:  About 6 to 7 Inches

Lighting: Full Sun to Partial Sun

Type: Evergreen

Difficulty: Easy

These Hollywood Juniper trees are a beautiful and hardy choice for any yard. They are tolerant against drought, wind, cold and salt. It a very robust species that rarely has any issues with root rot, pests and plant diseases. The only special requirement that it needs is to be planted in well-drained soil in a sunny area. They're like the "Superman of Junipers" for their extremely healthy profile and natural good looks. Their fun name comes from its popularity in the Los Angeles, California area among celebrities and regular "star struck" people alike.

The foliage is a striking dark blue-green color that grows in a thick twisting form by nature. It develops many ornamental blueish-white berries during the winter. It's a fast growing tree that likes to spread out, so you can further develop this into a bigger and fuller looking tree with a cloud-like silhouette with ease. If you're a bird lover, this is a great choice to attract them into your yard because they love eating the berries! 

Due to the extra large size and very heavy weight of this garden bonsai tree, this item is only available for local delivery in Southern California only. For any other areas, please email us at houseofbonsai@gmail.com for special arrangements.

Price: Product $1095.00 + Delivery Rate Differs on Distance and Yard Accessibility

The following pictures are general images of each species. Each tree looks slightly different due to the shape, trimming and season of the year. If you want a particular tree as exactly pictured, please go to our eBay store.

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