Hard Akadama & Kiryuzuna Japanese Bonsai Soil Blend Mix - Medium 8 to 10 mm - 20 lbs 13 Liters

$ 62.95

Grain Size: 8 to 10 mm (May vary a bit due to it being a natural product dug up from the Earth)

A #1 Best Seller in USA and Asia!

This is a special blend from the Double Line brand is a ready to use mix of roughly 70% Akadama and 30% Kiruzuna (also known as Kiryu for short). This is a great all purpose blend that's ready to use on all sizes of bonsai trees.  When dry, it has a light golden to toasted bread brown color that turns reddish brown when wet.  About 20 lbs or 20 liters of this Japanese Bonsai Soil Blend Mix will be sent to you.

Repackaged to fit into square USPS flat rate large box.


Price: Product $43.00 + Priority Mail $19.95


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