Sandflex Abrasive Sanding Hand Block - Coarse

$ 15.75

Cleans rusty bonsai tools like a dream! An essential tool maintenance item that you must have!

Just buff over any rusted areas like an eraser on your tools and watch it quickly become like new again with this sanding sponge. Great to use on any solid surfaces like stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic, etc.

It's a solid block that's made of a unique rubber-like compound that's mixed in with abrasive grit throughout the whole block. You can cut it into custom shaped pieces to clean any kind of crevice. As it wears down, it constantly exposes a new abrasive surface layer, keeping the block clean and sharp for the next use.

It's a popular items that has been featured in publications Popular Mechanics, Fine Woodworking Magazine, American How-To and Family Handyman Magazine.

Its dimensions are 3.25" x 2". It's non-toxic and safe to use either wet or dry. It never dulls with use or age!


Price: Product $8.00 + Single Item Shipping $7.75

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