Pruning / Repotting / Wiring / Styling


Pruning - Repotting - Wiring - Styling
$15.00 and Up
(Cost Depending on Tree Size & Difficulty Level of Labor)

It’s been a few years since you last trimmed your bonsai into shape...
Maybe you picked up a random tree that you wanted to work with...
You need someone to quickly style it before people come over...
Perhaps you not sure how to achieve that “special look” on your own...
Or you’re just too busy to do it yourself.....
No worries! The Bonsai Specialists are IN at House of Bonsai!

Our staff will look at your bonsai’s unique characteristics and asses what are all of the possibilities for changing it. We have a large selection of plastic training and ceramic pots available for matching for use in the make-over process.

We can also create custom one-of-a-kind bonsai trees by selecting a tree, pot and some decorative items and put them together for you.

Great for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, promotions and many more special occasions!


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