How to Care for Bonsai

Location: The ideal place to keep bonsai is under partial shade, such as: Patios, Under a Tree, or in a Shady Corner of a Garden. It can be brought inside of a day or so for your enjoyment.

Watering: The water requirement will be different according to the location, temperature, and variety of bonsai. Keep moist to slightly dry, but not constantly super wet or super dry either. Generally, in summertime it will require watering every other day, in winter 2 – 3 times a week is fine. Water thoroughly, until the root ball is entirely moistened. If you want to go away on a vacation, you can submerge your tree's pot in a basin filled with water.

Feeding: This should be done separately. Use bonsai organic food or liquid fertilizers at ½ of the recommended strength at 6 week intervals during the growing season. Properly applied, this fertilizer restores good color and vigor and maintains even growth.

Trimming: You can maintain the artistic shape of your bonsai by pinching the end of the new growth with your fingers. This is the time to relax and enjoy your tree.

Transplanting: This is necessary when a bonsai outgrows its planter. This can readily be seen as the soil and plant rise above the edge of the planter. You may also transplant periodically every 3 – 5 years to supply new soil. When transplanting, trim the roots and change to a larger pot. Transplant the bonsai when it’s dormant; during the winter to early spring months.


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