Bonsai Workshop

Beginners & Intermediates Bonsai workshop

Every 1st and 3rd  Saturday of Each Month

From 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon  

Price: $20.00 per Walk In Session OR $150.00 for 10 Non-Consecutive Pre-Paid Sessions

Walk Ins are Always Welcome!

Instructed by Tino Dela Cruz in the Main Greenhouse


  2020 workshop Schedule  

January  4       &      January  18

                                                                  February     1        &        February    15

                                                                  March          7        &        March         21

                                                                  April            4        &        April            18

                                                                  May             2        &        May              16

                                                                 June            6        &         June             20

                                                                 July             11        &        July              18

                                                                 August        1         &        August         15

                                                                September   5         &       September    19

                                                                October        3         &       October         17

                                                                November    7         &       November      21

                                                                December    5         &       December       19


Participants Must:

1) Come to the nursery earlier if they don't already have their own bonsai trees and/or tools to get some before class starts.

2) Bring one or two trees that are either pre-bonsai or one that has been worked on, but has some challenging issues that they would like advice on.

3) Bring their own tools --- at least a pair of sharp fine tipped scissors.

4) Have looked pretty hard at their trees and have some improvement ideas already in mind.

5) Understand that these are hands-on workshop style classes. The instructor will work with each participant individually to arrive at a plan and then coach him or her on how to do it.


Bonsai Class Topics Covered:

Trimming and Branch Ramification

Repotting, Soil Preparation, Tool Care and Tool Sharpening

Air-Layering to Make a New Tree

Dig Up Tree from Ground and Pot It for Bonsai Training

Seasonal Bonsai Care: Watering, Fertilization, Sunlight Amounts and Pests

Wiring Techniques

Restyling or Starting Over

Pot Style and Pot Selection

Creating a Bonsai from Nursery Stock

Air-Layer Separation and Replanting


Our goal is to lead participants to do all of the work on their trees – a working workshop.

However, if asked, the instructor will step in for difficult or risky steps.



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