Decomposed Granite ( DG ) Bonsai Soil - Medium 18 lbs

$ 27.25

Grain Size: 6 - 7 mm  


This popular soil medium is one of the best soil add-ons that you could use on your bonsai trees. It provides good drainage and gravity for the roots to be anchored in the pot. DG doesn't break down easily with constant watering. It's rich in minerals and has sharp edges on all of its pebbles to help promote lots of root growth.

This medium grain size is ideal for use as a bottom layer in a pot for drainage and mixed into the soil base for medium to large bonsai trees. You'll often see decomposed granite as an important ingredient in many professional grade pre-mixed bonsai soils.

Made in Korea. This will be shipped out to you in a USPS Priority Flat Rate Medium Box due to its heavy weight.


Price: Product $13.00 + Priority Shipping $14.25

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