Akadama 100% Bonsai Soil - Medium 18lbs

$ 44.75

Grain Size: 6 - 8 mm


Akadama is a mineral rich granular "clay ball" soil that's highly prized for its plant nutrition and good water retention & drainage in bonsai. It's a bit more expensive than other soils, but this medium truly does do wonders. We recommend that you don't use a 100% or a super high percentage of akadama soil due to its water-holding properties. When dry, it has a light golden to toasted bread brown color that turns reddish brown when wet. Please use a rocky soil (such as lava rock or decomposed granite) in combination with this for optimal usage and to prevent rot rotting from water-logging. About 18 lbs of akadama will be sent to you.

Repackaged to fit into square USPS flat rate large box.


Price: Product $25.00 + Priority Mail $19.75

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