Japanese #27-08 Mint Green Glazed Shohin Ceramic Bonsai Pot (8 Piece Set)

$ 51.00

This multiple pot set is a great way to coordinate your bonsai collection!

Outer Pots:
5.25 Inches
Width: 3.75 Inches
Height: 2.5 Inches

Inner Pots:
4.25 Inches
Width: 3 Inches
Height: 2 Inches

Color: Mint Green
Finish: Glazed
Shape: Various Rectangles and Ovals
Type: Ceramic
Model: #27-8
Made In: Japanese

All of our ceramic bonsai pots are great classical choices to contain your tree in. They're made from long lasting clay that can easily be reused again and again. With its heavier weight, it gives any tree a more solid "put together" appearance when displaying.

Price: Product $36.00 + Priority Shipping $15.00


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