Tungsten Carbide Bonsai Carving Power Drill or Rotary Tool Bit - Set of 2

$ 105.50

Nobody can do any serious carving on an old bonsai tree that has a big trunk with dead wood portions without a good carving bit. This one is the best choice to start such a difficult project!

Made from tungsten carbide, this bit can even cut through diamonds and last many years of heavy use. The bit is 2" in length with a 1" diameter head and a 1/4" shaft.

This special set contains both the sharp rounded tip that can make soft grains and the triangular tip that can make detailed grains on dead wood to help make your bonsai tree look more natural and artistic.

Note: These bits will fit any power drill or rotary drill made in the US, Europe and Asia. They will not work with Dremel tools because they're too big to fit and won't provide enough power to handle tough carving jobs.

Price: Product $98.00 + Priority Shipping $7.50

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