Foemina Juniper ( Needle Juniper ) Pre-Bonsai Tree - 6" Pot

$ 46.50

Species: Juniperus chinensis 'Foemina'

Age: About 4 Years

Height: About 14 - 15+ Inches

Trunk Size: About 1/8 - 1/4 Inch

Lighting: Full to Partial Shade

Type: Evergreen

Difficulty: Easy


This is a special type of juniper that primarily grows straight up. You're able to get very attractive forests or a striking standalone bonsai tree with this variety. When the foliage is young, they have a cypress-like bright green spiky texture. As they get mature, the spikes soften so they aren't so pokey anymore when you work with them.

Not only that, they're forgiving to beginner level caretakers with their hardiness and semi-drought resistant qualities. It's an evergreen tree, so it can be enjoyed all year long without dropping all of its leaves. 

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The following pictures are general images of each species. Each tree looks slightly different due to the shape, trimming and season of the year. If you want a particular tree as exactly pictured, please go to our eBay store.

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