Japanese Red 'Deshojo' Maple Specimen Bonsai Tree (Dormant)

$ 185.00

Due to its popularity, we are working on importing more from overseas to have a wider selection by 2022.


For All Deciduous Trees: Please understand that these trees will have no leaves right now from going dormant during the winter. We have marked them as "Sold Out" temporarily. Once they sprout new leaves, they will be posted for online sale for shipment online again.

Species: Acer palmatum 'Shin deshojo'

Age: About 12- 16 Years

Height: About 13 - 16 Inches

Trunk Size: About 1 - 1.25 Inches

Lighting: Partial Sun to Full Shade

Type: Deciduous

Difficulty: Medium

This species of maple is famous for its rich "firetruck red" colored leaves that grow in the spring. During the warm months, it will grow lots of new shoots after trimming. This ability helps it develop branches quickly for ramification.

Price: Product $135.00 + USPS Priority Mail $50.00 = $185.00 Total

The following pictures are general images of each species. Each tree looks slightly different due to the shape, trimming and season of the year. If you want a particular tree as exactly pictured, please go to our eBay store.

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